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FIDO Jars is  made  of  high-quality  transparent  lead-free  high borosilicate glass, easy to clean,high  transparency  does  not absorb impurities  and  ensures  your  food  is  fresh.The  Capacity  is   450ml-3.8L;   The Diameter is   9.5 cm;we offer   custom  LOGO  services,Ourpacking  includs  Carton  and  Pallet,About 30 days after sample and order confirmed (not including further processing products or special order). This product  supports  custommade.

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  • FIDO Jars  .For the health conscious, for the adventurous, for the food enthusiast, for the neat freak. Whatever you identify as, this jar is bound to meet your needs. Crafted in Italy of the finest clear glass, with a wide opening for easy access and an airtight lid. 
  • 1. Airtight Seal
  • Be selective. You have the means. The airtight seal on the jar preserves the freshness and tastiness of your food, as well as prevent leaks. Feed your family the choicest and finest only.
  • 2. Very clear to see
  • To know is to control. The jar is crafted of attractively clear glass, affording you the grand view of what’s inside. Included are chalkboard labels for labeling and identifying.
  • 3. Easy Access
  • Joy in a jar, no struggle involved. The wide opening allows you to reach inside for easy access and refill. Hinged lid swings open and shut without you having to fight it.
  • 4. Fits it All
  • Loads and loads of goodness in just one jar. Don’t scrimp, don’t compromise, don’t think twice. The jar is large enough to fit quantities large enough to satisfy your needs.

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